Choctaw Nation Dictionary (Hard Cover)

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Choctaw Nation Dictionary (Hard Cover)
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The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma appreciates the efforts of many individuals who have contributed to the production of  


                                                The New Choctaw Dictionary.


We are indebted to the visionary leadership of former Chief Greg Pyle and current Chief Gary

Batton who tasked us with the question, "How can we sustain our traditions for the next 100 years?" Our response was to create a user-friendly, learner's dictionary. Thank you to present and past Tribal Council members for your continued approval and financial support.


Special recognition goes to Joy Culbreath for her unwavering commitment to create a 'tool' for speakers and learners of the language. Special thanks goes to Richard Adams for his tireless devotion to this project and to the committee members who contributed time and valuable expertise, logging many hours and weekends throughout the fourteen years it took to bring this dictionary to life. We express our gratitude to linguists, Dr. Joseph E. Littlejohn and the late Dr. T. Dale Nicklas for their knowledge and areas of expertise. Appreciation is extended to Dr. Jack Martin for his commitment to compiling a 'product' the Choctaw people are proud to own. Grateful acknowledgement goes to Program Director, Jim Parrish, for his inspiration, encouragement and guidance.


Most of all we thank God for the blessings and abilities to serve Him through the Lordship of

Jesus Christ and toward others in 


Faith, Family and Culture.


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