Choctaw Hymn and Tune Book
Choctaw Hymn and Tune Book

Choctaw Hymn and Tune Book

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Choctaw Hymn and Tune Book - Hardback - 2017 - Bible Global Society

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Choctaw Hymn and Tune Book.




This Choctaw Hymn and Tune Book is hereby dedicated with abundant love and joy and respect to the many Choctaws from Mississippi and Oklahoma who worked to see that this project was completed. Many long hours and committee meetings were held in both Mississippi and in Oklahoma at Choctaw Churches and with volunteers who had a burden to see that this work come to completion in order that it would be a blessing to the Choctaws for many generations to come. Great care has been taken to involve many fluent speakers, and they have given of their time and their hearts to this work with a great love for it. You will find the names of the people and Churches who gave of their time and resources listed in the helps section of the hardback book.



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