*LS - CSC005 Chahta Horse Series "Himitta"
*LS - CSC005 Chahta Horse Series "Himitta"

*LS - CSC005 Chahta Horse Series "Himitta"

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"Himitta" 5" X 7" print in 8" X 10" matte. Matte color may vary.

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"Himitta" 5" X 7" Print in 8" X 10" Matte 

Matte color may vary.

The Choctaw horses are among the Colonial Spanish Mustangs named the Heritage Horse of Oklahoma, and are listed among the most critical of endangered breeds. They are well documented as ones brought across the Trail of Tears by the Choctaws. The foundation herds of Choctaw horses are located in and around Antlers, Oklahoma.

This print series includes Colonial Spanish Mustangs of Southeastern Oklahoma from the Choctaw and Jones strains.

“I had the privilege of going up in the mountains to capture a rare glimpse of their beauty. By releasing this print series I hope to bring awareness to these living remnants of Choctaw history and culture.” – Lynda Kay Sawyer


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